Sunday, June 08, 2008

Right here, right now....

  • Watching Eric kill off bad guys in Rainbow 6 (XBox game)
  • Wishing Joe, Alex and Grace a wonderful week on their mission trip to Houston (Grace's first!) .l.. which means Eric and I have the place to ourselves this week! Well, except for the 3 dogs and the hamster.)
  • Still full from lunch at Mesa Rosa after church!
  • Got 2 beds' linens washed
  • Completed the second of 2 wristwarmer/gauntlets (made to match the Logan River Wrap I finished last week...I just adapted the cable pattern and designed as I went.). Amazing deep, smoky purple yarn in a wool/silk/cashmere that I got on sale!
  • Comfy on the couch, ready to watch some Family Guy on my Ipod before I go toddle off to bed
  • Planning on going to the pool tomorrow after I get off work at 2, to start on the real tan...
  • As opposed to the streaky orange color I am right now. But I'd rather be streaky orange than pastey white!
  • Kind of excited to wear a new swimsuit this year, with 45 less pounds on me! (Still have about 15 more to go....)
  • Thinking I really do need to take photos of knitting projects to post to Ravelry
  • Have quite a nice list of 'summer projects' for myself...actually looking forward to some deep cleaning/purging/organizing!
  • Realizing that I am the only one here all summer, while everyone else comes and goes for a week or more at a time. Grace thought that an "In and Out" board on the wall would be a good idea so we'd know who was here each week...I am starting to think it's not a bad idea!
  • Going to set up time for Eric to have friend K overnight this week, so his parents will get a night at home without kids! Hoping Eric can stay at K's also, and I'll end up with a night here to myself! "Risky Business", anyone? Party at Kris' house! Bring chocolate and 'Ritas!
  • Wishing I had taken a photo of a gift I made. Alex has had the same team for Special Ed and Inclusion for all 3 years in middle school. I really wanted to thank them in a tangible way for all they have done for him, and helped him become so selfconfident and able to advocate for himself. I found a wonderful transparency/overlay at Archiver's, that had a heart design and the quote "Teachers touch the world one heart at a time". I made a scrapbook page, kind of a collage really, with some vintage looking school papers I had, a ton of embellishments, and used clear 'ghost' letters of an a and a v on it, and framed it. I wish I'd taken a photo of it before I wrapped it and had Alex drop it off! The note he wrote for them was so sweet and heartfelt. He was pretty emotional the last few days of school. He was like that leaving elementary school, too. He gets very attached to people; I think it's wonderful. Such a neat, neat kid!
  • Realizing I should get off the computer and get some sleep, if I intend to be worth anything in the morning when I work. Sigh. I don't sleep very well when Joe isn't here.
  • Saying goodnight.....