Tuesday, August 28, 2007

School started! Another year begins...

I don't remember who blogged it, but I agree...September 1st should be New Year's Day. The start of a new academic year, fall is coming...all that stuff.

Don't you just love the smell of new school supplies? Ok, maybe it's just me. But I loved getting a new bookbag, new supplies, and reorganizing it all so many times. Sigh. The only stressers for me is the supply lists for the different kids. I don't like getting the lists after the first day of school...so much to get in so little time. And there's always something weird to find, too.

So here they are, yesterday morning, headed out the door: Eric is a sophomore this year!

Alex is an 8th grader, and Grace, my baby, is a 6th grader and starting middle school! Yikes.

I hope all of your 'First Days of School' went well. Here's to a great year!

Golden Joe strikes again.....

So yesterday I managed to move a bunch of furniture around, including rearranging my white cubes and shelves in the room I scrap in. In order to make the fronts flush with the 5 shelf unit I have, the back of the 5 shelf does not touch the 2 walls in the corner.

While trying to put things away, my little penguin fell off a cube and into the few-inch gap between the cube/shelves and the 5 shelf. In trying to retrieve the penguin, with kitchen tongs of course, I leaned the 5 shelf back against the 2 walls for more clearance.

I didn't check to see if the top was clear of stuff when I leaned it back. It wasn't clear.

So as I rescue the penguin, I hear "ting ting" as something falls behind the 6 foot shelving unit. I just figured "I won't see that little pail for a long time!"

After Joe got home from work, I was explaining all I got done today, including the little comedy of dropping things behind things.

Joe to the rescue! He used PVC pipe and twine from the garage, adding a refridgerator magnet, and went fishing. Of course it was on top of my wheeled desk chair.

He couldn't get it. Hm.....Leaning over he sees it's not a little pail,, but rather a pink Naljean bottle. Magnet no work. Need the right bait for the right fish.

He removed the twine and magnet, and used the PVC to rescue my Naljean bottle!

Go Joe! Go Joe! Go Joe! (Oh, and he fixed my Adobe problem, too.)

Now you know why he's "Golden". Well, that, and when he need to change lanes, the traffic opens up like the Red Sea for Moses.

Monday, August 20, 2007

The stats are in....

I have completed the scanning! Wahoo!

Days working: 9
Average hours/day: 14

Total images scanned: 5779!!

Loaded CDs: 20

Est total number of negative strips (the scanner takes one strip at a time: 1646

Est money saved over have Target do this: $400!!!

I am so psyched! I have loaded the CDs onto an external hard drive. I am now in the process of moving images from the scattered and out of order CDs into folders that make sense to me. I have moved the OVER FIVE THOUSAND images into folders, and will be starting to load the CDs of digital images I already have into these same folders. (Right now the CDs I had done already are in chronological order, and I want to rearrange the images into folders that match the album categories I use now. Go NOW to read The Big Picture, by Stacy Julian. Seriously. Drop what you are doing and go GET.THIS.BOOK.AND.READ.IT. if you scrapbook. Or want to.)

Here's a little something I found...granted, the negatives are quite damaged, but still...Joe and I ready for his Senior Prom. Yep, that's white tails he has on. And I have VERY 1981 hair, complete with big bushy on one side, the other side pulled up tight in a barette with dangling feathers and beads on it! And yes, we are high school sweethearts!

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Have a great week!

Monday, August 13, 2007

A blogger gone MIA....

That’s me lately. You see, I have a project. A larger one than I first anticipated, but rewarding nonetheless.

While my parents are on a “once in a lifetime” vacation celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary, I have borrowed Dad’s negative scanner. I had about 2 shoeboxes filled with negatives (remember those things?), and really wanted them digital. Really.

So I set up a station at the coffee table with my laptop and the scanner, and set about the job. At first I estimated 2400 images. I thought that was pretty close. As of 6 pm on Monday, I am just over 2800 with a few days’ worth to go. I am scanning practically 12-15 hours a day. But it’s so fun to see all these old photos! I had forgotten all the pictures I took when the kids were little, before we went digital. ROLLS of possible Christmas cards. Sheesh. I’ve relived their births, parties, New Year’s celebrations over the years, and some bittersweet memories.

Even though I’ve been at the puter all day and night, I’ve avoided blogging as nothing else is really going on here…just scanning. I think I am becoming radioactive. And I believe I glow in the dark.

I do manage to knit in between inserting negative strips and clicking the ‘scan’ button. I finished a tote bag that needs felting. I am also using leftover Baby Cashmerino (from the granny square afghan) and am designing a wallet-like ‘thing’ to hold my Dave Ramsey cash envelopes in. My first foray into design. So far, so good!

I’m off for more scanning…..hope I return soon with more news!....