Monday, August 13, 2007

A blogger gone MIA....

That’s me lately. You see, I have a project. A larger one than I first anticipated, but rewarding nonetheless.

While my parents are on a “once in a lifetime” vacation celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary, I have borrowed Dad’s negative scanner. I had about 2 shoeboxes filled with negatives (remember those things?), and really wanted them digital. Really.

So I set up a station at the coffee table with my laptop and the scanner, and set about the job. At first I estimated 2400 images. I thought that was pretty close. As of 6 pm on Monday, I am just over 2800 with a few days’ worth to go. I am scanning practically 12-15 hours a day. But it’s so fun to see all these old photos! I had forgotten all the pictures I took when the kids were little, before we went digital. ROLLS of possible Christmas cards. Sheesh. I’ve relived their births, parties, New Year’s celebrations over the years, and some bittersweet memories.

Even though I’ve been at the puter all day and night, I’ve avoided blogging as nothing else is really going on here…just scanning. I think I am becoming radioactive. And I believe I glow in the dark.

I do manage to knit in between inserting negative strips and clicking the ‘scan’ button. I finished a tote bag that needs felting. I am also using leftover Baby Cashmerino (from the granny square afghan) and am designing a wallet-like ‘thing’ to hold my Dave Ramsey cash envelopes in. My first foray into design. So far, so good!

I’m off for more scanning…..hope I return soon with more news!....

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goldenjoe said...

Sweetheart, thank you for doing this. I so appreciate the work you are doing to make these memories available.

I don't think you are a negative scanner. You attitude is quite bright and positive.

Luvu, GoldenJoe your DH