Monday, August 20, 2007

The stats are in....

I have completed the scanning! Wahoo!

Days working: 9
Average hours/day: 14

Total images scanned: 5779!!

Loaded CDs: 20

Est total number of negative strips (the scanner takes one strip at a time: 1646

Est money saved over have Target do this: $400!!!

I am so psyched! I have loaded the CDs onto an external hard drive. I am now in the process of moving images from the scattered and out of order CDs into folders that make sense to me. I have moved the OVER FIVE THOUSAND images into folders, and will be starting to load the CDs of digital images I already have into these same folders. (Right now the CDs I had done already are in chronological order, and I want to rearrange the images into folders that match the album categories I use now. Go NOW to read The Big Picture, by Stacy Julian. Seriously. Drop what you are doing and go GET.THIS.BOOK.AND.READ.IT. if you scrapbook. Or want to.)

Here's a little something I found...granted, the negatives are quite damaged, but still...Joe and I ready for his Senior Prom. Yep, that's white tails he has on. And I have VERY 1981 hair, complete with big bushy on one side, the other side pulled up tight in a barette with dangling feathers and beads on it! And yes, we are high school sweethearts!

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Have a great week!


Peggy D said...

Hi Kris. I'd love to know the kind of negative scanner you used. Was it difficult to use? I think this is something I need!

Kris with a K said...

The scanner I used it an old one, an HP Photosmart S20. It accepts the negatives one stip at a time.

I've been told that there are much newer one out there, that allow you to put 4 strips in at a time.