Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Golden Joe strikes again.....

So yesterday I managed to move a bunch of furniture around, including rearranging my white cubes and shelves in the room I scrap in. In order to make the fronts flush with the 5 shelf unit I have, the back of the 5 shelf does not touch the 2 walls in the corner.

While trying to put things away, my little penguin fell off a cube and into the few-inch gap between the cube/shelves and the 5 shelf. In trying to retrieve the penguin, with kitchen tongs of course, I leaned the 5 shelf back against the 2 walls for more clearance.

I didn't check to see if the top was clear of stuff when I leaned it back. It wasn't clear.

So as I rescue the penguin, I hear "ting ting" as something falls behind the 6 foot shelving unit. I just figured "I won't see that little pail for a long time!"

After Joe got home from work, I was explaining all I got done today, including the little comedy of dropping things behind things.

Joe to the rescue! He used PVC pipe and twine from the garage, adding a refridgerator magnet, and went fishing. Of course it was on top of my wheeled desk chair.

He couldn't get it. Hm.....Leaning over he sees it's not a little pail,, but rather a pink Naljean bottle. Magnet no work. Need the right bait for the right fish.

He removed the twine and magnet, and used the PVC to rescue my Naljean bottle!

Go Joe! Go Joe! Go Joe! (Oh, and he fixed my Adobe problem, too.)

Now you know why he's "Golden". Well, that, and when he need to change lanes, the traffic opens up like the Red Sea for Moses.

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