Thursday, September 06, 2007

I'm a poet, and didn't know it....

I have a stie. In my eye.

It hurts, and it's swollen. Everyone feel sorry for me! Just kidding, but it does really hurt and looks icky. Hopefully it'll be better soon.

There's been no blogging because there's really not been any fodder.

I have a few knitting projects on the needles, but as they are 'secrets', I can't show them or talk about them until after they are done and given to the appropriate recipients.

Also, the photo project has reached a new level! Wahoo! The end is in sight!

I have now:

  • scanned the (over 5000!) negatives into digital format on the external hard drive.
  • organized those images into a new system of folder filings.
  • loaded existing digital images from CDs onto the external hard drive.
  • organized THOSE also into the new system.
  • moved images from the hard drive of the laptop to the external hard drive.
  • organized those also into the new system!
  • went through every digital image at this point, and rotated and/or retouched as needed using Film Factory.

  • After all this, I copied the newly filed photos in their folders onto new CDs to keep.

  • created a binder for these CDs, and will create contact sheets for the CDs to keep in the binder (once the black cartridge is replaced in our color printer)

  • And finally, I am uploading all of these images and folders to for both storage and for printing at a future time.


So while the kiddos are in school, I have been busy, but unfortunately it does not produce very tangible results. I'd really rather have tangible results.

Over the weekend I did have fun....Scrapbook Crossing, a local LSS, reopened with a VIP soft opening Friday night. Jackie, Amanda, Jeanne and I went, and I ate my weight in cold shrimp. I do love that stuff. (Jackie took the photo, so she's behind the camera.)

And on Saturday, two ScrapShare sisters (online friends from a message board) were travelling through here on their way to IKEA and home to San Antonio, so Jackie, Amanda, Jeanne, Alli (Austin area SS sisters) met up with Joanie and Diane. Amy was working at Archivers when we met up there.

Have a great day!

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