Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Right now I am.....

  • caught up on my general blog stalkings, particularly with Organize Your Life and today's entry about training our kids (she calls it delegating)
  • full from eating the leftover half of an amazing club sandwich from Palm Beach Grill
  • happy to have spent a chunk of the morning cleaning my kitchen thoroughly and finishing laundry
  • thinking Joe will not be pleased that he will come home to a 'pile'...I stacked up all of his things that were on the counter!
  • pleased to know that in a few hours I will have the cleanest feeling teeth! (dental appt today!)
  • loving that we paid for all three kids' new glasses and contact lenses with cash!
  • relieved that Jackie and I know what we are doing for our goodie bag contribution for the Spring Fling retreat in May, and that it's already started! (we even know what we are doing for November's retreat!)
  • proud that Eric is still a conscientious driver. A student at his high school was killed in an accident over the weekend...it appears that the driver (another student) was trying to pass on a curve in the road and ran headon into oncoming traffic, injuring himself and killing his friend. It has hit the kids hard, and although it's terrible to have happen, it is a glaring reminder to teens that they are, indeed, vulnerable. Please pray for both families involved, for healing for all of them. This will be a hard road for both families.
  • watching Court TV on verdict watch for a trial (I'm a geek)
  • laughing at the odd positions that my dogs sleep in during the day
  • beating myself up for emails I owe people (hi Donna!)
  • excited to start up the health/weight loss plan again on Thursday...it's been a hard month off!

So what are you doing right now?


Joe said...

Right now I have a Van Hagar song going through my head thanks to this blog.

Joe said...

Right now I am wondering how big the pile of stuff waiting for me is and if it is really all mine!

Sarah Kimmel said...

Right now I am trying to think of the Van Hagar song that is stuck in Joe's head... (Van Halen is my husband's favorite band, maybe I'll ask him)

OH I JUST GOT IT!!! I went back to change the first couple words of this comment and said "Right Now" and then it hit me. :) My husband will be proud.

Jacquie said...

Hey Kris with a K!!....I stumbled on your blog via someone who commented on mine! It was great seeing you on Van Allentine's Day...and thanks for the little sweet favor! ;-)