Sunday, December 23, 2007

I feel like Sleeping Beauty....

Like I just awoke from a long sleep. Well, maybe not long, but about two and a half months! Since about the end of September, my life has been nuts. Just nuts. I kept intending to blog about things, but wanted to either add photos or details, and time was so short! It was like a fairy tale…..

Once upon a time, in lovely Cedar Park, Texas, lived a beautiful Princess and her handsome Prince. But an evil spell had been cast on them years before…a spell causing them to overspend! The handsome Prince finally found a cure for the spell. It would involve sacrifices, but he was both handsome and brave, so he was ready to fight for the cure. It would also involve his beautiful Princess making sacrifices…so he gently asked for her help. After appropriate soul-searching, the beautiful Princess realized that they could only be cured together, as a couple. So forward they lept, into “Baby Step One”, and farther! She started working part time at Archiver’s, a scrapbooking store. And life as she knew it changed. At least for a while. Gone were her days of leisure. She began to see that she had been wasting away her time, now that she was working far more hours than she anticipated, being hired as part time. The beautiful Princess was going to have to learn efficient time management, if she was going to keep the castle clean and the royal family fed and in clean clothing!

She is still working on that.

Here is what has happened in our lives since my last serious blogging:

  • Joe turned 45!
  • Halloween happened some time in there. Candy was eaten…by the kids. I was really good this year!
  • I bought a new coffeemaker (see here).
  • Friday night football games for the high school.
  • Marching band festivals for the high school band.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed watching Plan 9 from Outer Space, Attack of the Crab Monsters, and The Killer Shrews.
  • I went on a scrapbooking retreat to the Fort Worth area, and had an absolute BLAST with other ‘axe murderers’ from an internet message board.
  • I turned 44!
  • Thanksgiving happened as well, I believe. I don’t really remember because that week I worked THIRTY SEVEN hours in 6 days. That’s kind of a lot for a stay at home momma working part time!
  • I decided that this year our Christmas cards needed to be handmade by me.
  • I also decided that I needed to handknit some of our Christmas gifts.
  • Christmas cookies and breads were baked.
  • Clearly I lost my mind in there somewhere.
  • I was inspired creatively by Ali Edwards’ December project, and have plans for next year.
  • I started a health program with my doctor and have lost 27.5 pounds so far, and two pant sizes!
  • I had portions of my hair colored bright pink.
  • I may or may not have taken photos of some of the above.

    I wish you a very merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, filled with blessings galore!

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