Tuesday, January 01, 2008

{insert witty New Year's title here}.....

So Happy New Year!

Spent New Year's Eve with friends...annual party here at the house...fabulous time! One of the very best parties I think...everyone laughing, talking, playing Trivial Pursuit...Guitar Hero 3 in the backround....good times, good times. We were missing one family terribly but understand that right now their very first priority is to keep their newborn both healthy, growing stronger, and 'bubbled' from all possible exposures to germs/viruses. We love you all!

New Year's Day today was sleeping, jammies all day, no one showered, lots of knitting time, slugville. Just perfect.

Oh, and those Christmas cards? Yeah, still gotta go to the mail place...will probably require extra postage. And the 2 boxes of Christmas gifts will be coming along, to be mailed out to KC and Plano. And a lovely little bargainy thingy for Stacy will be on its way to Cowtown.

It's the time of year for resolutions, but I'm not one to make them. I've talked about that before. It was interesting to go back and read my blog entry from last year. Definitely food for thought. I know I've done well on some things, not so hot on others. But that all sounds pretty durned typical, doesn't it? More interesting resolution shtuff, should you choose to peek in on these blogs (two of my very favorites to visit, albeit for very different reasons): Cathy Z and Ali E.

On Christmas Eve we went to dinner with other church families, as we do every year...IHop. Another beloved tradition. This year we attending the 10 pm service, and really enjoyed hearing the choir singing carols. We arrived home to find that "Twinkles" the jammie elf had visited, and left us all new jammies for Christmas!

Christmas morning came far too early for Santa and the Missus...they were up till 4 am on the phone with Microsoft trying to troubleshoot the XBox360 that just wouldn't work. He ended up leaving a note of apology for the boys with a promise to get it fixed or replaced. (He was able to do that on the 26th...thankfully Target works with Santa on exchanging presents that turn out to be another customer's return that was broken and put on the sales floor! Grrrr...... ).

But the kids were all up by 6:30! (I even overheard a comment of waking at 4:30 and coming out to check out the gifts and returning to bed! Nearly caught Santa in the very act!) After Santa gifts and stockings, Joe and I grabbed some more much needed sleep.

The boys were wonderfully understanding about the XBox situation. Grace loved her new blue Ipod Nano! And Santa preloaded some of her music for her; Eric loaded 'better rock and roll' onto it later in the day.

Christmas Day was great, fun, all the positive adjectives. Here at home, with my parents and Sis. Wonderful and thoughtful gifts. I'll describe them another time.

Suffice to say that a great Christmas break was had by all (Joe being on vacation!), and we have one more day before school starts up again on Thursday.

Oh, and on the (frantic!) knitting front, all projects completed prior to Christmas [pat self on back] but few photos taken! Descriptions will be another time. Both the January Magknits is up, and the new issue of Knitty. Check them out! {.....reminds me of how far behind my profile/stash/photos are behind over at Ravelry.....grrrrr again.....}. If you are a member, or awaiting your invitation, watch for me. I am KriswithaK.

Rock on....

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What a lovely new photo--you look so beautiful!