Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Resolutions? not here....

A new year. Resolutions? I got none. I’ve never really been one for resolutions. Shoot, I don’t even set goals. Remember the job interviews with the standard HR questions like: ‘Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten years?’ I never knew what to say. I probably came up with something that was more glib or flip than profound and focused. You just never know, ya know? Who can say what can come up in the next five years that will alter your chosen career path?

For me resolutions are lofty goals, and easy for me to break.

So I don’t make resolutions for New Years. I do, some years, take the time to sit and think about where things are in my life, and where I think they should be going. Like this year. Although I know I will have a continuing time of reflection, I do know that I want to:

Choose joy even more often. Where did I see this first? Was is Stacy or Stacy? I’m not sure, but I DO know that I am enjoying life more now that I am concentrating on laughing more and finding the positive in situations. It can drive other people nuts, but I will still look for the silver lining in your cloud. You’re welcome.

Take the high road. Even when I want to scream. Make decisions that I can look back on and say yes, that was the right thing to do or say. I want to hear ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant.’ Encourage my kids to do the same. It’s hard to take the high road. But He never said it would be easy.

Reflect on why my personal prayer time is what it is (pretty nonexistent). It would be easy to say ‘I will start a daily quiet time,’ but for me it’s important to realize what the problem is before I start stabbing the situation with antibiotics that might not work. Maybe I am becoming more contemplative, or am more process-oriented. Regardless, I need to find out why it’s broken, before I can determine what will fix it.

Continue with the food thing. We haven’t had a bathroom scale in months. Our old one broke and I just never bought a new one. Weird, since I practically live at our local Target Greatland. I think I have been losing a little weight, but if I did get a scale and I haven’t lost anything, that would bum me out. Ok, I hear you: silver lining, good outlook girl….get a scale and deal with it! I will buy a scale this week and let you know. But about the food…my portions have grown smaller (is that an oxymoron?), and we’ve not had Blue Bell ice cream in the house in months. It feels good. And so do my pants. Even my bra feels big in the band size. So the food thing/adjustments will stay. Even when it’s hard. Even when I pout.

Get my rear to Fitness 19 again and stop paying them for nothing. There was a couple of weeks there where I was going 3-4 days a week, and it was starting to feel really good. I don’t remember why I stopped. Back onto that wagon again. No set goals, just get there. And keep going. Loading up the Ipod mini (pink, of course) with more knitting podcasts and I’m good to go.

So there you have my New Year’s reflections.

Blog news! Cathy Zielske is back from a hiatus! So excited to see her blogging again. Love her style, love her writing. And she lives in the Twin Cities, so her references to locales there are fun for me to read.

So I’m knitting socks, still, but also started a scarf. I am using Rowan Calmer…holy cow it’s so so so soft! The colors are coffee and an oatmeal type shade, and I am using the mistake rib. I started using the Cashmere Scarf pattern from the Yarn Girls, but after reading so many comments online that it curled in on itself, I switched to the mistake rib. It will be random wide stripes at the ends, with mostly the coffee color, and solid coffee in the middle.

The kiddos start school again tomorrow, so it’s back to the morning schedule. Better get the coffee pot loaded up for tomorrow…..

See ya!

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