Thursday, January 11, 2007

I'm a winner!.....

I rarely win anything. I enter blog contests all the time - you know, the ones where you just post in the comments and the randomly chosen winner gets something (in these cases, since they are knitting blogs, the prizes are typically highly-coveted yarn!)

In 4th grade I DID win something: a DJ from the AM station in St Paul came to our school, and held a drawing (I have no memory of what he talked about). I won an LP! Johnny Whittaker's album. It even had the theme song from Sigmund and the Sea Monsters on it. That was cool.

A short while back Joe won a green Ipod nano from a vendor event at work. Yowza! And a friend of mine won a Nintendo DS from an entry at a convention.

But rarely do I win. Not even door prizes.

Until now! The magazine Simple Scrapbooks has a blog now that you need to check out. The managing editor writes the blog, and it's fun to read. She gives 'behind the scenes' for the issues, too. And she held a 'tell me where you're from' contest in the comments...I was winner #5 of 5! I can't wait to get my package! Here is what was on the blog, and a photo of what is coming:

Congratulations to our fifth winner, "Kris in TX" from Cedar Park, Texas (just outside beautiful Austin). Kris in TX has won a whole mess of Bazzill Basics buttons, plus two jars of Bazzill blossoms, plus FIVE doodling templates from Chatterbox. Yay!

So color me happy, and ready to scrap this weekend. Well, and break in to some more knitting. I need to get photos of the socks I've done, so that I can share about the patterns and the yarns. Most of the yarns I use are from sites on the Web, and are hand-dyed in amazing colorways. Just gotta get that done.

Oh, lastly, my friend's family member's health issue is resolving VERY well, thanks to a great surgeon and prayers! Thanks to those of you who prayed for them.

I'm off to do a lttle knittin', do some BSF (SO nice to be back into that again after a break for the holidays...I really missed it), and maybe watch some Creating Keepsakes on QVC tonight.


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Jackietex said...

You're a winner no matter what! That is so cool! Yesterday I used my Sizzix for a project for Ariel, it reminded me that I miss scrapping.

That is one fine guitar that your oldest is playing tonight!