Monday, January 29, 2007

Holding out for a Hero....

Ah, Mondays. Heroes has returned! I'm not a fan of 24, but Joe and Eric are. So since the boys all have Scouting commitments on Mondays, our DVR works overtime at 8, taping both 24 and Heroes. Alex is the only one that doesn't really 'watch' Heroes; but he follows the plotlines. I love this show. Don't know why, but I am addicted. I felt stupid, though, when it took me forever to figure out why the actress portraying Nikki was familiar to me: she's the defendant in Legally Blonde. Anyhow, I even signed off our Christmas letter with "Save the cheerleader. Save the world." And who couldn't fall in love with Hiro? I wish they hadn't killed off Charlie. I really liked her sweet character. Hopefully tonight we'll learn more about Claire's parentage.

It's cold today, so it's meatloaf tonight. With smashed potatoes and green beans in honey-cashew sauce (recipe below). Sounds good to me!

Still hoping for the house-cleaning mojo to return.....

Green Beans in Honey Cashew Sauce

Frozen green beans
about 4 T. butter
about 4 T. honey
about 1 cup chopped cashews

Cook the beans about halfway...they will finish in the sauce. Heat butter in skillet over low to medium heat, add cashews to brown. Add in honey and warm through well. Add beans and toss in sauce to coat and finish cooking beans.

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