Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ah, holiday....

Yeppers, the kids are off school for 3 days next week; our school district is the only one in the area that does this 'clumping' of inservice days into a long weekend, but I sure do like it. And I know that the kids are ready for a few days off. Even if Eric did get loaded down with homework. Ick.

I am hoping that I feel better soon...I just woke up this morning feeling cruddy. It's probably just a simple cold or allergies. Not much accomplished today other than knitting, coughing and clearing of the throat.

I did get socks finished for Joe. I used Austermann Step, the one with the Aloe and Jojoba in it. The yarn is so soft to work with, and he says they are very comfortable. And the cool thing is that even though I didn't pay attention to where I cast on in the color change sequence, assuming I would just get some 'fraternal twin' socks, they ended up being pretty much identical twins! Cool beans.

Yes, they are the same length, they just aren't pulled up to the same height on the legs. I used a K2, P2 rib at the top and a simple K6 P1 around the leg and down the top of the foot. That's with a cast on of 56. I liked this because it was just a little more snug than plain stockinette on the leg but nothing really fancy. I'll do this again, for sure.

So in a previous post I was talking about yarns, and some issues I ran into, but was unable to post photos. Evidently I can post photos again, so here is what I was talking about with the Vesper Yarns...Here is one of the joining knots I encountered in the skeins:

And here is an example of the white spots within a color:

So, yeah, not really excited about all that.

Go check out Ali Edwards' blog (click on her nake in my sidebar) to see how she's now raising money for Autism Awareness. Kevin Bacon has a deal he's doing with matching funds, and it's called Six Degrees. You know that old 'Kevin Bacon game'? I just love it when celebs are able to laugh at themselves. And the fact that he's doing it with philanthropy just makes me smile.

There's a meme going around asking for a list of six weird things about yourself. I can think of a couple, but really, aren't we all a little weird? I'll see if I can come up with just six to share in a future post.

It's time for more Tylenol and perhaps an early bedtime tonight. I'm not a very good patient. I get pretty whiney. It's best I just go to bed!

Later, dudes...

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