Monday, February 05, 2007

Superbowl Fever...

I got to watch the game by myself last night. Joe and the boys were at a Superbowl Party for the Youth Group and Grace was enjoying playing in her room after 2 nights of sleepovers at a friend's house.

The first quarter was far more exciting than the rest of the game, but the high number of turnovers did keep me looking back up from my knitting.

And the halftime show....Prince....what more can you say? I though his voice was better now than 20 years ago, and loved that he mixed all the Purple Rain music in with some Tina Turner, Hendrix and Foo Fighters ('course, Eric was the one to point out Foo...he's so good with music). Love me the old Prince. We realized later that we have his 1999 on CD now, but the Purple Rain soundtrack is still in the LPs. Gotta get that on CD too. Great workout music, eh?

The only bummer was that my voice is going, and I started running a little fever. It's weird for me to run a fever, since I typically run only about 97 degrees (does that mean I'm cold blooded?). There was a time that I considered tossing the kids in the car for a little getaway during their school break, just to get outta Dodge, but then Alex had a band clinic scheduled during the break. In retrospect, good call. Wouldn't wanna be driving all day with a fever.

So although the weather is amazing, I'm inside whining. I'm so thankful that the kids are all old enough to feed themselves, play outside, do homework, etc. And the schnauzers are more than happy to make sure I stay put on the couch today. Maybe I'll get sock #2 done today in between Advils.

Signing off with a whiney sigh...

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