Friday, February 09, 2007

There is cheese available to go with this whine....

Shoot, I am from Wisconsin...there is always cheese available.

Man, I am a horrible patient. So whiney. Cripes. Still feeling icky, but at least my voice is back. I was all over the place from the Peter Brady cracking voice to the Suzanne Pleschett husky voice.

I did get out yesterday, and got to play with my best friend! Jackie and I went to Scrapbook Crossing, to see if they were getting CHA winter releases yet, and they've already started to arrive! We stopped at the Railyard Grill for lunch...hadn't been there in a while, and they make great sandwiches. I couldn't believe how good it tasted: I had a ham & turkey club, and get this...I ate the tomato! If you didn't know, I really dislike raw 'em cooked. but I've been getting into them lately on sandwiches, but even more so on bruschetta. Antioxidents, yippee!

On another note: yep I called it. Kudos to me! We finally got around to watching Heroes, in fact we watched 2 in a row which is of course way, way better. I guessed who Claire's daddy is! Can't wait to see how this all plays out. Know what gets me though? The woman who portrays Nathan's wife (in the wheelchair) on Heroes also plays Graem's wife on 24. There goes my ability to consider Heroes as reality TV. Dang. Still, without that little revelation with Claire, and Skylar getting loose, these episodes were a little slow for me. I wanna know who is Linderman??? Hopefully soon that will all tie in also.

Hoping for more good college basketball tonight....

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JoeyGreen said...

Glad that you are watching "Heroes." I am SO hooked on the show. I also guessed who Claire's dad was... pretty interesting!

No idea who Linderman is though. They haven't shown any inkling of him, just mention the name in passing. I wonder if HRG, Claire's adoptive dad, is Linderman and just uses it as an alias?

Can't wait til the next episode!!