Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Birthday, Gracie-girl...

Eleven years old, today. And I remember it so well! When you were born, your face was just so 'girlie' different from your brothers'. My birthday wish for you is health, happiness, and love. We love you so much!

Catching some rays on the boat in Silver Lake.

Riding in the car, three days from Texas to Michigan. Great fun!

A girl after my own heart...Blue Bell right out of the container!

Oh, and since Blogger doesn't like the size of the photo of Joe in the alps, here's one Jackie took last year in Silver Lake, on the boat, of Joe and I. Vacation Hair is not my best look, but the photo does show how stinking happy we are!

Off to have ice cream with the birthday girl......

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Emmie said...

Happy Birthday Gracie. She is quite a lovely young lady. Wish her loads of luck and happiness.
The pictures are really nice.
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