Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Random musings....

Haven't blogged in a while, and it's not because nothing's been goin' on. Lots has. Life has. Just haven't sat down to blog.

Went to Hill Country Weavers last week. (See, I got downtown way early for a haircut, and I've never been to HCW before, and it's on South Congress, which I never get to, so I drove down South Congress, and found the crack house that is HCW, and discovered I am an addict.) Yeah, I was bad. Way bad. Evidence:

What you see: brown Regia (socks for Joe, maybe gloves!), patterned Regia (currently becoming my first pair of mittens, for Joe...and these were on sale!), some Koigu for Joe in an amazing black/grey colorway, Austermann Stepp socks (these are already done, in this photo they were only one sock and the start of #2), another Austermann, then the lovely second row, all for me! ....Koigu! Koigu! And 2 colorways of Claudia....I've not knit with either the Koigu or the Claudia, but I am excited to start. Grumperina lauds the Koigu.

Grace's birthday party finally happened...bowling at Main Event. Fun was had by all!

I am off this weekend to Farmerville Louisiana, with Jackie, for a scrapping retreat. It's gonna be nice to get away for a bit, and spend time with just the girls. It's a group from ScrapShare, and I am really looking forward to it. A 7+ hour drive, but it'll be worth it. We girls just seem to need the time with other girls, don't we?

So with that, I will see y'all later. Ciao!


Jackietex said...

I LOVE the birthday photo!

Stacy said...

I've been to Hill Country Weavers, and I don't even knit! :)