Saturday, January 20, 2007

Catching up....

Jackie's mother passed away Thursday afternoon. It was quick, yes. Click on her name to get to her blog...she wrote some lovely entries about Rina. I can't even imagine what she's feeling. But my job as friend is to just be there. And I am standing 'on deck' for whatever they need.

On other fronts, the weather today (very cold, wet rain, etc) dictated a day of knitting and scrapping...surprise!

I have some 'kits' started for 6x6 albums for Alex and Grace...just personality albums. Based on the one I did for Eric that I called 'Eric at 14', even though it reminds me of that afterschool special. I worked on assembling the kits some more, and finished the layout from Eric's 15th (gulp!) birthday dinner at Chuy's with the Gallops. You see, Eric was born on Elvis' birthday, and every year Chuy's has a big celebration for Elvis' birthday...this year they had an impersonator also. Way fun.

Have a great weekend!

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