Friday, January 26, 2007

Someone stole my mojo....

and hasn't sent a ransom note.

I can't seem to get anything finished. But I know that this too shall pass.

In the meantime, some knitting content:

I've been making socks for a while now, and just can't get enough of it. I started with Regia selfstriping yarn and size 3 needles. I used the"56 Stitch 56 Row" Pattern. All stockinette. Love that. Easy-peezie.

Since then I've tried different patterns and yarns, and have come to 2 fall-back patterns: Broadripple and Jaywalker. Broadripple is nicely lacy, and is so wonderful with yarn from Sweet Georgia Yarns. Once I finally realized the correct way to do a centered double decrease in the Jaywalker (I was slipping the stitches wrong), I fell in love with this pattern, too. It works wonderfully with my Vesper Yarns and Yarn Pirate Yarns.

I also enjoyed Mata Hari and Anastasia, but on both I reversed the swirling pattern for the second sock. It's not hard to do on the pattern, and I liked the mirror image in the pairs. Hedera was the perfect pattern for some yarn I was struggling with, and thanks to Sue Ann at my LYS Bluebonnet Yarn Shop, who was making Hedera with the very same yarn one Chicks with Sticks night, I completed that pair. I've also done a few other patterns, and need to get photos of the completed socks for my flickr site.

So much for patterns. On to yarns:

The first handpainted yarn I bought was from Felicia at Sweet Georgia Yarns. Yum-O! wonderful yarn, so soft, and beautiful colorways. Sadly, she is no longer selling direct from her site, but The Loopy Ewe carries her yarn.

Since then I have bought Yarn Pirate and Vesper. Both have great colorways. The Pirate yarn has short color changes, while the Vesper has very long color stretches. Both make for great socks, simply a different look. I have found joining knots in the Vesper, in every skein so far, that I have to work into the inside of a stitch, which is not so fun.

I also found white spots in the yarns, which I could understand as undyed spots at colorchange points, but these two were only about 6 inches apart in the same color stretch:

I can't seem to get Blogger to take photo uploads right now, or I would show you.

The Vesper is highly coveted, and typically sells out in less than 30 minutes. Get on her mailing list to find out about her restocking of the store. Yarn Pirate is available at the etsy site and also at The Loopy Ewe.

I would still like to try some of Scout's yarn, and some of the Hill Country Yarns Sweet Feet.

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