Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What a week it's been....

The good stuff:

  • A great weekend, with all kinds of time to myself! Joe and the boys were at a Youth Group event at church, and Grace spent one night at a friend's. I got some scrapping stuff organized, did quite a few layouts, watched movies of my own choosing, and knitted.

  • Monday was a holiday from school, and since all homework was completed on Sunday, we just laid around like slugs. And watched the impending weather...we don't usually get snowstorms and ice here in Austin, but dang if it hasn't happened nearly every year we've lived here! The predictions were dire...and the weathercasters visibly excited about something interesting to report on!

  • School was cancelled for Tuesday! A snow day! And yes, we had snow....lovely large flakes, and enough accumulation for snowballs, icicle-sucking, and fun. Warm blankets and cocoa were the routine of the day. Love days like that. Took photos of everyone and what they were doing at about 2 pm...for a layout called "Scenes from a Snow Day". Very Ali Edwards inspired. Like this one. She did one that I have printed out a hard copy, called '10 am', but I can't seem to find it online. Oh well.Even Joe was home from work...the whole city shut down for the ice and snow. We watched weather all day...hoping for another day off!

  • And today we are off again! Joe had over 1/4 of an inch of ice on his car (yowza) but did go in for a few hours. I might even scrap again today. And I now have 3 WIP(works in progress) of knitting...that's the first time I've been unfaithful to a project and started another before finishing! 2 pairs of socks and a cute vest from Knitty are all on the needles.

The bad stuff:

  • My friend's family member took a bad turn...very bad. I have her permission to link to her blog, here. Please, please pray for everyone. Such a difficult time for the family.

So at the 'humpday' of this week, I am trying to concoct some sort of dinner (I know that there are tater tots and fishsticks around here) so that I can put off my trip to Target until hopefully Friday, when the weather will be warmer (=no ice) but probably still rainy. Then I can start making dinners for the freezer for my friend and her family. I have to be able to do something. And I have to start walking again! Iced in here at the house, we are eating and not burning any calories. Scary.

Oh, and last week I finally went to the doctor to see about my 'ick,' since it had been something like 3 weeks. They were able to rule out the really bad stuff with simple blood etc testing. The next step was an ultrasound to rule out masses. Since I thought maybe they'd want to do something with me, I held off eating anything that day, so I was able to get in for an abdominal ultrasound right away the same day! Unheard of, I know. Now I am just waiting for the radiologist to read it and send the results to the doctor, and for the doc to call me..with this weather, who knows how fast that will happen, since so many offices are still closed. If all is OK, then the diagnosis will be IBS, and I will start taking Zelnorm. More than you wanted to know? Sorry. I often tend to wax medical. Here is a treat to put something entirely different in your head, and this won't leave your brain!

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