Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Woman who really knows her man.....

I loved this story. I found it via a blog of a friend, Kenny, and the script of the story from a link in his comments. Enjoy!

A Woman Who Knows Her Man
Here is a story about "a graying duo" that subdued two unruly passangers on a recent flight from Minneapolis-to-Boston. A retired police captain volunteered to help flight attendants, if they needed the men to be subdued. They developed a plan whereby the flight attendants would hold up plastic handcuffs if they needed him to subdue the unruly passengers. He looked around at the other men on the plane, but all of them averted their eyes. All, that is except the retired Captain U.S. Marine Corps.

But wait, this gets better. The retired police captain was accompanied on the trip by his wife.
When the captain announced preparations for landing, the man jumped up shouting, the flight attendant held up the handcuffs, and Hayden and the Marine came bounding down the aisle. Hayden said he and the retired Marine, whose name he never got, received an ovation from fellow passengers, and "some free air miles."

Hayden's wife of 42 years, Katie, who was also on the flight, was less impressed. Even as her husband struggled with the agitated passenger, she barely looked up from "The Richest Man in Babylon," the book she was reading.

"The woman sitting in front of us was very upset and asked me how I could just sit there reading," Katie Hayden said. "Bob's been shot at. He's been stabbed. He's taken knives away. He knows how to handle those situations. I figured he would go up there and step on somebody's neck, and that would be the end of it. I knew how that situation would end. I didn't know how the book would end."

Side note: still not started the (somewhat daunting) task of photos of finished knitted items for Ravelry. Some are here at the house and will require multiple sock changes for photo shoots, and others are with the recipients, and I'll probably have to use the photos used in the patterns themselves. I hope to get to that soon. I've been getting so much great info and reference on Ravelry, I want to pay it back. Where else could I find a pattern over a year old in a Knit magazine, the Nantucket Jacket, that I would like to make, and then IN ONE SOURCE find literally hundreds of other knitters who are either in process or completed the very same sweater, list their chosen yarns, and then comment on the yarn, the pattern, any modifications they used, etc. Ravelry is a God-send to me!

Grace and I did a little scrapbooking tonight, after my time at Archiver's. Eric and Grace had music practice at the Church, for the youth band entitled At His Feet. They are going to be leading the music more often, and I am looking forward to that! Eric then has friend stuff to do the rest of the day: hangout time, movie time, Red Robin for burgers, etc. This driving thing is working out to our benefit already! And he doesn't balk when we require him to call when he reaches a destination, and when he leaves it for another.

I'll be back at Archiver's again tomorrow...we are short a couple of people temporarily. They already know what I love to do, so I am getting to do organizing within the store, and labelling! (be still my heart!) Guess my reputation has caught up with me. Always seems to.

Last on knitting, I finished my own scarf from the baby alpaca (oh, so softy soft!), and closing in on the end of Grace's Irish Hiking Scarf in the new Cascade painted. So on the 'planning needles' is an ipod cover. Unfortunately it has required me to knit up gauge swatches. eah, plural even. I've gone with a fine yarn, but it runs from shades of pink, orange and a cream that I really like. Starting with single strand and size 3 needles, too loose, size 2 were still too loose, decided I was NOT going with 1s. Frog out. Unroll complete skein to have 2 ends to wind together. Now knitting at 2 strands with a size 5. Kinda loose. Size 4....still a little loose. Now at a size 3. Looking like the squishy/protective look I want. Problem now? the assembly I designed will be too wide for using dpns...Smallest straight bamboos are size 7. Aha! I remember the Denise interchangables!! Wahoo! The smallest size is a 5. However, in looking at the Denise 5s and the Clover 3 dpns, there is not a signicant difference. I am going to continue this swatch with the Denise 5s, and probably go with them. Pattern? started with Grumperina's pattern for the front openings and will be constructing 2 more panels, that when folded and sewn together it will open like an envelope, and will have a pocket on the front for the ear buds, using a buttons and Icord tie around for the finish.

Eric was approved for Cabin Caounselor Training at Camp Allen, so he will be out there next weekend, meeting the directors for the summer and training. Hopefully he'll get lots of time at camp.

Off to Archiver's again tomorrow, to rake in the big bucks! cya!

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