Monday, July 07, 2008

They're villains, Claire.....

Oh yeah, coming September 22!

Sure, I'll be watching the Olympics. But seriously....I am looking forward to Heroes this season. I wasn't thrilled with the last season, but I think this one has real potential. Sigh, another addiction! And I'll just be getting over Hell's Kitchen (season finale tomorrow night, people!).

Crazy summer that it is, notes on the Summer of '08, thus far:

  • I miss Eric! He was gone for 2 weeks counselling at Camp Allen. Then home for 2 days, and off again for 2 weeks on a mission trip! He's completely incommunicado, too. Can't wait to have him home again! So glad I had the week with him in June, while Joe, Alex and Grace were on the mission trip. Cool thing: he was able to send text messages from camp, and one ended with "Give Mom my love".... what a great kid!

  • It seems that this summer I've been able to have a full week with just one of the kids at a time. When it was just Grace and I (Eric was on week 2 as counsellor, and Alex was a camper), we had a few days during which we didn't have obligations, so we declared them "No Pants" days! We just hung out with the dogs, cleaning, scrapbooking, etc in our Tshirts and grunders. Poor Joe when he got home: we were all giggles! Such fun.

  • Grace is at camp this week, so it's just Alex at home this week. Besides time at Archiver's, I am helping out a friend with getting their daughter to her cheer camp. Hoping for downtime with the Zandermeister! Tonight we are hanging out and watching a couple of Mystery Science Theater movies. Tomorrow night, of course, is Hell's Kitchen...he's a huge fan, too. We are bummed that the DVDs that are available and the computer game are NOT censored. Rats.

  • Bringing back a few memories from the high school years, another link to Wendi Aarons' blog. You really should read her blog on a regular basis. What a hoot! Here's the one on a week in the life, and here is the one on having a party.

  • Family health is an issue, if you are shooting up prayers, please include my extended family. Thanks.

  • Powerwashing makes a heck of a difference on our patio and driveway. Grace and Alex are both wonderful powerwashers!

  • Oh, my new photo! It seems that I have grey hair coming in, and it has decided to be curly. I've had stick-straight hair all of my life. Perms were the only way to get a curl. But my hair guy, Tim, tells me that often times grey comes in a little freaked out, and a different texture at first. It'll probably go straight again. Oh, why can't you see the grey? That's because I pay Tim a pretty pennyto keep me as very blond as possible. One can never be too blond, right Zillbutt?? So for now I am loving the natural curl.

  • And although I still have about 15 pounds more to lose, with the current loss of 45 pounds, the ensuing necessary wardrobe change (including my first 2 piece swinsuit in a scary amount of years, and a size change now at 4 down!), and the curly hair, Joe has gotten himself a new trophy wife! He says it's easier this way...he doesn't have to 'break in a new one.' I agree!

Hope for more soon....trying to enjoy life inside the revolving front door! It seems that school just let out, it's now into July, and before I know it we'll be up at the crack of dawn again for school. Life zooms on!


KarenB said...

Congrats on the weight loss!!! You look fabulous dahling!!!

KarenB said...

Hey girl - it was good to see you again yesterday!!! They finally posted her work on their blog - the link is in my sidebar under Adornit Teen Chix!!! Share with the girls if you will - a couple of them were waiting to hear when it got posted!!!