Sunday, July 20, 2008


It seems that summer goes more quickly every year, doesn’t it? Here it is halfway through July, and school starts August 25th for us. Wow.

This weekend for the first time in a long time I was able to enjoy a day in which I didn’t have to be anywhere all day. I was able to dictate my own time, and I loved it! Joe and Eric went to San Antonio to watch DCI (Drum Corps International) competition, while Grace, Alex and I hung out here at the house. I finished up my ‘hippie purse’ made of mitered squares of leftover sock yarn, even the straps. The design of the straps took me the longest, with much research via googling and on Ravelry. I finally decided on using 4 I-cords and braiding them together for each of the 2 straps. I also covered a piece of plastic canvas for the bottom interior to keep it stable. I am really happy with it.

We’ve come to a big decision here, too. Looking forward on the calendar, we saw that along with 2 weeks in August of Marching Band Camp for the boys from 8-5, Joe also had travel pop up this week (to Minnesota), as well as a strong possibility of all of September to various locations. (Who knows yet what could come up last minute in August!) When school starts in August, we’ll be watching to see how Alex does not only during Band Camp, but also as a freshman in high school. We wanted me to be as available as possible, especially with both boys after school every day with band, leaving Grace needing a ride home.

Because we’ve recently been quite blessed, we decided that it was best for the family that I didn’t have a work schedule to be a possible stressor added to an already packed and tenuous family schedule. Without a work schedule, I am available for the kids whether it’s during the daytime or evening, regardless of whether Joe is in town. We won’t have the added income, but we’ve run our numbers and feel quite comfortable.

So I am a lame duck employee at Archiver’s. (Thus the title of this blog post.) I gave my notice, and am working through this week and next as scheduled (I gave notice last Monday giving 2 weeks…which is actually becoming quite atypical in the workforce nowadays, sadly). I am returning the following weekend to help with a hopefully sales-filled Make and Take weekend, and will be considered an ‘as needed’ employee; this means that part timers can call me to work for them, I can offer up dates when I am available if they need me, and whenever I am able I can be added back on as a permanent employee. There is a lot that I will miss (like the 3-% discount!), especially the amazing women that I work with, but I feel I am doing the best thing for my family right now.

So, yeah, QUACK.

Have a great week!

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