Monday, August 11, 2008

Oh, for Pete's sake.....

It's once again been forever since I blogged! It seems that the more I have going on to share or muse about, the less time I have to blog about it! Life, eh?

So, here's to catching up again in bullet form:

  • Go check out this blog. She's an Austinite, and recently blogged about our (very typical) record-setting heat. Always a fun topic around here this time of year! Wendi Aarons blog

  • Congrats to Ali Edwards and her husband Chris on their baby-on-the-way! Big brother Simon will be wonderful with the baby, I am sure.

  • Band camp started up August 2nd for Eric and Alex. It's old hat for Eric, and brand new for Alex. I worked in the Med Tent that first morning, and when I got there at 10 am the band had just finished running for 10 minutes straight, and doing Pilates. All of a sudden the tent filled with staggering teenagers, some ashy white and unable to see (dizzy), others dehydrated, and one vomited. Yippee! I think it probably happens every year: the kids are warned to get outside, acclamate to the heat, drink lots of water, etc. They don't, and they pay for it. I am proud that both boys never did use the Med Tent...they both toughed it out. My only concern is how Alex is going to handle the pressures of marching season and the demands of this year's's very technical, and quite hard on the brass players. Guess we'll see.

  • This past weekend was my last official time working at Archiver's. I was supposed to be done the previous week, but when I gave my notice I said that I'd 'return' to help out with the Make-and-Take weekend. It's always a busy and fun time, and they certainly appreciate extra help. It felt weird, on my last day. I brought in my camera, and was able to get photos with most of the other employees at the store. I was a good girl, too, with my last purchase with employee discount: I bought a lot of cardstock (mmm.....Bazzill.....), adhesive refills, and supplies for a Christmas gift/project. I'm considered a "casual" employee, available for employees to call if they need a shift covered, and the store manager said that any time I want to go back onto the schedule I can just give them a call. That in and of itself was a wonderful and flattering thing to hear, but what also made me feel all squishy inside was the when others heard I had given my notice, they were mad at me and didn't want me to leave! It's good to be loved.

  • Now that I have my days back (and my weekends!), I need to keep myself grateful for the time I have. My plan is to keep myself very busy, so that I do not fall into a lazy and slothful routine that would put weight back ON...I still have only lost the 45 pounds, and want to lose another 15. Perhaps when school starts I will join the greyhairs at the mall and walk. Shoot, I have the grey anyway! The plan of attack for staying busy is LISTS. Lots of To Do lists. I am drafting a list for each day of the week, starting with things I need to do daily, followed by the chores I need to do that particular day of the week. (I also have one for monthly and semi-annual, but I won't start those up yet. Daily is first.) I'm taking all of the things I need to do around the house every week and assigning each to a day...hoping to get a real schedule going, so that I can check things off as I go. Today was Day 1...I'm not far into this at all, but today was great! I feel like I was very productive, and had pretty much everything done by the time the boys were home from band at 5 and when Joe was home. I even played Becky Home-Ecky and made Toll House Cookie dough balls and Rhubarb Coffee Cake tonight! In case you are wondering, here are the sources I used for the basis of the lists, and my favorite organizing blogs and sites:

Spending time watching Olympics, especially the swimming...last night's 4 x 100 freestyle relay....HELLO! Go USA! There's more to share on the knitting front, including photos this time, but the swimming is about to come on again. I'll save that for next time.

Later, gators!

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