Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I love it when Christmas comes early...

Always a work in progress, that is my little workroom. My little piece of heaven. My haven of scrapbooking. "Mom's room."

I got a number of the cubes for storage the first time Target carried them; I read about them on Two Peas and knew they'd be perfect for me and my room. If you saw them the first time around, you'll remember how we all went nuts buying them up, and they were discontinued, only to be brought back again recently with additional pieces.

They are a great size and about half the price of the Store in Style cubes.

The problem I had was trying to get them off the floor, and to a height that was more ergonomic for me. The solution: call Dad.

My dad is doing some really beautiful woodworking lately. All I really needed was shelving, but I thought I could at least ask! So it's my early Christmas present. I love how they look in my room! Here's a photo of the three shelf units (I gave him the dimensions of the Target cubes, so he made them to the size of 2 side by side) and my tall shelves, before I added the 6 foot table back into the room.

So can you tell the theme of the room is 'pink', with touches of green, brown and black? I have been having fun finding things that are inexpensive for the top displays. Everything from Tupperware, to Heidi Swapp, including some pink bubble wrap I put in a frame!

I love my room. Now I just need to actually get some work done....

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Jennifer Stewart said...

Hi, Kris!

Your room looks absolutely gorgeous!! Love all the clean shelves and pink! :)