Friday, December 15, 2006

It's all fun until the novacain wears off...

So this morning I went for a slightly overdue skin check at the dermatologist's office. Two years ago I had some basal cell carcinoma removed from the area between my lip and nose, and since then I've been getting skin checks every 6 months, and all kinds of things frozen off my face. This morning we decided to remove a bit via punch for a biopsy, just in case. Only one stitch, and a few more areas frozen. All fine and well, off I went to finish off the Christmas shopping.

I got it all done, or so I thought, until I realized I still need one more thing (that's easy to pick up) and stocking stuffers. Feeling quite good about that, I realized that the biopsy site was starting to hurt. A lot.

And my tummy is still weird. Ew.

So instead of running out for the one more thing, I am getting that later on, maybe Monday. I am relegating myself to the couch again, loaded with ibuprofen for face pain (I didn't know it took those muscles to talk!), with the two schnauzers keeping me company.

Might check out Knitterly Things tonight for Vesper Yarn colors I think I need.

Send good vibes! Later, dudes.....

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